Car Diagnostic Specialists - Oxfordshire

At Bicester Auto Electrics in Oxfordshire we are always investing in the latest car diagnostic technology. This makes our auto electrical diagnosis as efficient and accurate as possible and allows us to pin point any issues with your vehicle's systems.


Diagnostic work is one of the biggest auto electrical areas we cover. Most diagnostic work on modern cars is performed using computer based diagnostic equipment. At Bicester Auto Electrical Ltd in Oxfordshire we have several types hi-tech equipment giving us dealer level diagnostics on most cars on the road today.


Bicester Auto Electrics of Oxfordshire are vehicle diagnostic specialists, auto electricians and engine management system fault finders which mean that we diagnose and repair car electrical and computer systems. As vehicle diagnostic specialists we do not believe in replacing components until the problem is found. We always find out the root of the problem which ensures that you will always have the most cost effective repairs at all times.


With our many years of expertise we can still deal with older cars and faults that a computer won't help with. So whatever fault you have from warning lights on a new car to wipers not working on a classic then Bicester Auto Electrics Ltd near Oxford in Oxfordshire will find the solution. If you can't get to us, don't worry as we have a mobile auto electrician service frequently serving Banbury, Kidlington, Buckingham, Aylesbury, Bicester, Brackley Oxford and the whole of Oxfordshire.

Bicester Auto Electrics Ltd specialise in car diagnostics and auto electrical fault finding. Our vehicle diagnostic service covers Witney Banbury Oxford Brackley Oxfordshire Bicester Kidlington Buckingham and all of Aylesbury with dealer level diagnostics.

Is your vehicle in need of an inspection or repairs, but you can't get it to us in normal business hours?


That's no problem, simply book an appointment, park your vehicle on our forecourt and put your keys in an envelope and post them through our letter box - We will take care of the rest.

Bicester Auto Electrics Ltd are the experts at car diagnostic testing and electrical fault finding. BAE have the very latest car diagnostic technology which allows us to efficiently diagnose your car electrical fault and fix it in the most cost effective and quality assured manner.  We provide car diagnostic testing and car electrical fault finding in and around Oxfordshire covering Bicester, Banbury, Kidlington, Witney, Oxford, Brackley, Aylesbury and Buckingham.